Community Action : Send a Frontline Worker for a Trip to Paradise (in Costa Rica).

Updated: Jan 11

We are excited that with our sister brand AutrakySite's CrowdFunding Engine (powered by FundRazr) COSTA RICAN LIFESTYLE will soon launch a campaign to send local-global hereos/frontline workers for individual and bespoke healing trips to Paradise in Costa Rican. With the deep support of our partners at Eleventh Hour Healing/Eleventh Hour Healing House our campaign guests will recieve truly healing and dynamic natural experences that will last a lifetime.

What can our members do?

Members can follow the campaign, can join in the conversation and champion the works of a friend or family member/frontline worker they are particularly proud of.

Also our members are invited to support the campaign and donate to send Frontline Workers for well deserved trips to paradise.

GO to CAMPAIGN (launch date 1/11/21)


Pura Vida (pure life) only in Costa Rica can one truly experience this cultral choice tha keeps this nation living longer and with joy in living each day in paradise.


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