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Gene Chambers | Live at Casa Rojas

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Gene Chambers | Live at Casa Rojas

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Time is TBD
Casa Rojas, Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica

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Gene Chambers: What is it about black?

He taught the Ticos to dance merengue and he amazed them with his interpretation of Siboney, he founded an orchestra that innovated the style of making music, took his talent around the world and now teaches his secrets to new generations.

The one who sings his sorrows scares is only a saying for Gene Chambers, because his voice and his salt shaker fill with flavor the souls of those who hum his songs and dance to his rhythm. 'Move your booty! If you don't move it, it'll make you sick. 'On stage he sings and moves as if shaken by a 30 thousand volt discharge, it is not for nothing that he studied electricity in his native Panama, although he always wanted to be a mechanic, doctor or architect.

“The musician dies a musician even if he says he does something else. People will keep dancing and they will call on you to host a party. He will always have work ”.

Divine law, as he says, guided him along the path of music and between notes and silences he found success; first with the Wilfrido Vargas Orchestra and later with his own: Gene Chambers and the TC.

When only salsa, cumbia and bolero were danced in Costa Rica, Gene shook up the musical scene with two innovations: merengue and his falsetto voice.

Forty-year-olds will remember him for his performances with Marfil on the defunct Leonardo's album, in the delicious 80s; the newest because he is a teacher of 15 dreamers inA star is born 3.

In other remakeof his life he wants to return with a concert for that public that venerates him, reviving the themes of soul and motown music, as well as the now classics of Lionel Richie, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson, among others. The most popular will be satisfied with Miryam Cruz, theCan girl, which is on your guest list for these parts.

It seems that fate is smiling at him again. Wilfrido Vargas wants it, a merengue group is in the cauldron, perhaps the concert of yore.

Meanwhile, Gene continues with his contracts in Panama, teaches tae-bo and tai-chi; he watches his children turn professionals and is proud of his “idol” Gene Jr., who inherited his musical talent and today sings with Expresso.

Gene Chambers is a complete artist because, as he says, "I have perseverance, love of work, respect, listen to advice and study hard."


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